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Dark Lord and his Servents
These are but a few of the servents of the Dark Lord Sauron.

The Dark Lord, Sauron-  He is the reason the tale takes place.  He is the one that forged the ring of power to take control of middle earth.  Isildur cut the ring off of his finger with his father's sword (known as Elendil or Andurin).  He is bound to the ring, that is, part of his soul is inside the ring, which is why he survived.  He wants the ring back to control Middle Earth and will do anything to get it back.  He is truely evil and plays his cards in deceit and control.  He told Saruman that he will share the power of the ring with him once he had the ring, Saruman believed it very ignorantly.

Nazgul-  They are also known as the Ringwraiths.  They are the kings of men who long ago desired only power.  They fell to the dark lord once Sauron forged his ring of power.  Sauron is now in control of them.  They follow his orders and desire only to retrieve the ring for their master.  There are 9 of them.

Orcs-  The orcs are evil creatures that are the army of Sauron.  There are many species of orcs:  cave, mountain, Uruk Hai.  The orcs are commanded by Saruman, and Saruman gets his orders from Sauron himself.

Balrog-  The Balrog is a fiery demon that was awakened in the dark pits of Moria when the dwarves dug too deeply and too greedily for their famous mithril.  The balrog has a great blade and a long whip with many thongs.