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Tom Bombadil and Goldberry
Since Tom and Goldberry are not described as of any particular race, I am putting them on their own page.

Tom Bombadil-  He is a very special character in the book.  He is immune to the evil powers of the ring.  There is a point in the book where he asks to see the ring, Frodo hands it to him, and he holds it up to the light while it was on his pinky finger to see it more clearly.  He did not disappear.  And then Tom plays a trick and makes the ring disappear.  Frodo wants to be sure that the ring is his ring, so he puts it on.  When he sees the look of Sam's face when he was staring at Frodo's empty chair, he knew it was his ring.  So he wanted to walk out of the room.  He started to walk out of the room, and Tom calls after him to come back and that his hand looks more fair without the ring on it.  So Tom can see the people even when the ring is on their finger, and is not effected when the ring is on his finger.  And then to top it off, he is not effected by the evils of the ring at all.  He aslo has special powers over nature and is very powerful.  He saves the hobbits twice when they were on their way through the Old Forest and through his land.  Although he will not leave his land, nothing and no one, unless a very powerful force, stands a chance against him.  At Elrond's council, someone insists that Tom be given the ring to hide it.  But Gandlaf quickly dismisses the idea saying that Tom will not leave his borders to come to the council, and even if it was given to him, he would forget aobout the ring and throw it away or something since he has a lot on his mind.  He and Goldberry are together.

Goldberry-  She also has special powers over nature.  When she cries, it rains outside.  She is like Mother Nature.  She is very fair.  She and Tom Bombadil are together.